About Us

About AAA Nursing Services

AAA Nursing Services has an established track record of excellence in home care, with combined experience in excess of 20 years in Home Care and Skilled Nursing for the Southern California area. We take pride in our staff of highly skilled licensed home care providers and nurses.

 AAA Nursing Services is presently in contract with Los Angeles’ leading hospitals, outpatient clinics, and skilled nursing facilities. Our unmatched staff is ready to cater to your needs and aid in reaching each individual’s optimal wellness. We understand that flexibility is essential and our staffing coordinators are ready to diligently assist you 24/7. We cater to your preferences as well as your short and long term needs to best fit your distinctive skills. We conduct regular employee evaluations and skills check offs to ensure nothing but optimal performance by our staff. AAA Nursing Services offers professional services at competitive rates without conceding our nurse’s salaries.

Top Ten Reasons Why Clients and Providers choose AAA Nursing Services

  1. We respond efficiently in a timely manner
  2. We tailor our care to individual needs
  3. We understand the definition of flexibility
  4. We follow through with our plans of care and meticulously follow up to evaluate their effectiveness
  5. We are a family oriented organization that tackles each situation with a holistic approach, and being family oriented, we understand the importance of family
  6. We see and treat our clients as family, and develop a personal rapport with each individual to increase quality of care
  7. With AAA Nursing Services, our clients are our top priority
  8. We make sure to keep open lines of communication with our clients and their families
  9. We have an unmatched staff consisting of qualified professional personnel
  10. Not only are we insured, but we are also bonded