Home Aquarium Fish Tanks and Alzheimer’s dementia

An interesting new therapy concept shared by Deirdre E. via LinkedIn

When I was much younger with young children of my own, I ran a daycare center for working Moms. One two-year-old little boy was particularly precocious and spent many long minutes in front of our home Aquarium fish tank.

If anything got spilled, broken or turned over– it was usually Jack who got the “time-out” which meant 4 minutes in front of our home fish aquarium.

He wasn’t a naughty boy but slow to talk, and even slower to accept the rules of the house.

Our large fish tank was filled with colorful fish and shells and air bubbles and lots of other activity most of the time. A few minutes in front of the Fish Tank was little punishment for the small children I babysat, yet it calmed them down and soothed their tears if they were upset.

So recently I was not surprised to learn that a Fish Aquarium can do the same for those with Alzheimer’s dementia.

Researchers at Purdue University have found that displaying tanks of brightly colored fish may curtail disruptive behaviors and improve eating habits of people with the disease of Alzheimer’s dementia.

Folks with Alzheimer’s react calmly to most house pets such as dogs or cats and now it seems that a fish aquarium can offer the same calming affect for those with Alzheimer’s dementia too.

If you have no time to care for a dog or cat or other pet, yet have someone with Alzheimer’s in your home, an aquarium with lots of fish and activity may be just what you need.

A fish aquarium is alive with color. Besides the fish, the decorations are colorful and offer a soothing affect as water flows and bubbles float. A beautiful fish tank with many colors and flora is as fascinating for adults as it is for children.

It can bring a sense of peace and quiet. It can calm an angry person to settle down and watch the quiet and peacefulness of life inside the aquarium.

A local nursing home that has a large aquarium for their residents says, “It gives the residents meaning and purpose on a daily basis.”

I remember my own Mom could sit and watch the fish for hours, usually laughing and smiling and talking to them.

If you have someone in your home with Alzheimer’s dementia who suffers from agitation and is difficult to calm, try adding a Fish aquarium to your home with a comfortable chair nearby.

My mom loved the fish aquarium and could watch it for hours, tapping the side and talking to the fish inside. It is an excellent way to end mood swings for the person with dementia.

Aquariums come in all sizes. Extra large tanks, such as this one, which can be recessed into the wall and makes a stunning presentation for the gorgeous fish that are available nowadays.

Yet a moderate size fish tank is just as satisfying for the person with Alzheimer’s dementia.

The attraction is the fish and all the activity happening in the tank.

Yet a moderate size fish tank is just as satisfying for the person with Alzheimer’s dementia. Their fascination is with the fish and activity inside the tank.

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